Semen Quality Analyzer (For Clinic)

Compact & Automatic

  • 4 Key Data Analysis
  • 3.5” Touch Panel
  • High Resolution
  • Real-Time Image
  • Easy & Precision


  • Product:LensHookeTM Semen Quality Analyzer
  • Size:140mm(L)x70mm(W)x71.2mm(H)
  • Control panel:3.5” resistive touch panel
  • Resolution:320(H)x480(V)Color dot matrix
  • Input / Output:USB 2.0/HDMI
  • Power Supply:AC100-240V/50-60Hz;Output DC 5V/2A;Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery


WHO 1999 (4th)
ParameterReference value
Ejaculate volume (ml)>=2
Sperm concentration (million/ml)>=20million/ml
Total motility (PR+NP,%)>=50%
Progressive motility (%)>=25%
Normal morphology (%)>=30%normal
Leukocyte number (million/ml)<1
WHO 2010 (5th)
ParameterLowr reference limit
Semen volume (ml)1.5(1.4-1.7)
Total sperm number39(33-46)
Sperm concentration (106per ml)15(12-16)
Total motility (PR+NP,%)40(38-42)
Progressive motility (PR,%)32(31-34)
Vitality (live spermatozoa,%)58(55-63)
Sperm morphology (normal forms,%)4(3.0-4.0)
Other consensus threshold values 
Seminal fructose (μmol/ejaculate)>=13
Seminal neutral glucosidase (mU/ejaculate)>=20
Important for Sperm Analysis:
Before Collection
  1. Abstinence for 2-5 days.
  2. Relax and be happy.
  3. Collect semen in a comfortable room.
  4. Make an open and disposable container ready beforehand.
  1. Collect the semen by masturbation. Please prevent to use lube or saliva. If lubrication is needed, fluid without sperm-killing composition is recommended.
  1. Don’t use condoms for collection because the latex of the condom might kill the sperm. (Most of the commercial condoms’ composition includes the latex.)
  2. Try the best to collect the semen completely. (The fore part of the semen has rich prostatic fluid and the end part mainly contains the seminal vesicle fluid.). Incomplete collection might cause the false quantity.
  3. Don’t use semen with saliva as the specimen because the composition of the saliva might affect the result of the analysis.
After Collection
  1. Keep the semen at the temperature of 20-37℃.
  2. Make sure to start the inspection within 1 hour of the ejaculation.
  3. Make sure that the inspection starts after the liquefaction of semen. (Liquefaction usually complete after 30 minutes of the ejaculation. If liquefaction does not complete after 30 minutes, observe the semen again after 60 minutes of the ejaculation)

X1PRO Semen Quality Analyzer


X1PRO Product Description



Product Question
Q1What is the meaning for three colour lines in HDMI video?
The light blue line is Progressive Motility (PR), the dark blue line is Non-Progressive Motility (NP), and the yellow line is Immotility (IM).
Q2How long does the analyzer full battery for charging?
It is about two hours.
Q3How long does the analyzer for using after the battery fully charged?
The battery life is about three hours.
Q4How does the analyzer download the PDF report?
Please use a USB Drive to insert into the analyzer (The capacity: 1 GB or more). Select the ''Utilities'' and ''Backup All Records'' icon. Select ''Backup'' and then the ''OK'' icon  to compete the backup action. After that, you can insert this USB Drive into your PC/Laptop to preview or download all the records. Another way that you can prepare a RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor to connect the internet cable and the analyzer, to preview or download the results. (Please refer to the LensHookeTM X1 PRO Semen Quality Analyzer Product User Manual for detail.)
Q5What is the meaning for the「*」 appear next to the test result on the screen?
If you see the ''''   symbol appear next to the concentration value on the screen which means the sample might have aggregation, crystals, or bubbles. It might impact the test result. We will recommend you redo the test or note it on the data records. 
Q6What is the notice for using the LAN function?
1.  The RJ 45 gigabit Ethernet adaptor type is suitable for Realtek RTL8153 and SMSC 7500 chip to connect to the analyzer and the LAN.
2. Please use the following browser to active the access web page as advice: Firefox (Ver: 62 or more), Chrome (Ver: 69 or more), and  Microsoft Edge for Window 10. 
Q7How much the volume for sample applying onto the test area of the cassette (the minimum and maximum volume)?
The special Anti-Leakage design can be containing the sample around 900μL to prevent leakage if too much sample applied. Theory, the analyzer can detect the sample around 0.5μL, but it is recommended to apply 40μL on the cassette. 
Q8Does LensHookeTM License Dongle allows the different box of cassettes for test? 
Please use the cassette which is manufactured and supplied by Bonraybio Co., Ltd. and it is no problem for test. Beside, LensHookeTM  Semen Test Cassette is disposable designed, please do not reuse it. There are 50 pieces cassette and one license dongle for one cassette box, and the license dongle containing the 50 licenses same as the cassette number. Therefore, if you reuse or lost the cassette, the used test will not be the same as your cassette number.  Please refer to the user manual for details. 
Q9How to do sample liquefaction check by using C-KUPTM?
Please invert the C-KUPTM containing the sample for few times, and the sample will be drawn through the patented V-Stick. According to WHO 5th criteria, if the sample in 2cm threads, it means the sample not complete liquefied. You have to replace the sample on flat surface wait for 30minutes (or you can replace in an incubator at 37℃). If it is in discrete drops, it means the sample is complete liquefied, and the sample is ready to be tested. Please avoid the bubble appear into the bottle. (NOTE: Between the apex of the bottle bottom to the patented V-Stick is precisely calculated and designed for 2 cm.)
Q10Why does the touch screen show the message ''Storage Insufficent Available'' ?
The message ''Storage Insufficent Available'' appears on the screen, it means you have to do back up and delete the records to release the analyzer capacity. Please prepare the USB Drive which is the capacity at least 1GB, and insert the USB Drive into the analyzer. Select  ''Utilities'' and then the ''Backup All Records'' icon to do back up. Select the ''OK'' icon to complete back up. You have to also select ''Utilities'' and then the ''Delete All Records'' icon to delete and release the capacity. Once you have deleted the records, there are not be able to recovered agian. 
Q11Why does the touch screen show the message ''Movement detected'' ?
The special designed for the analyzer it can also detect the movement to avoid the camera taking the unclear image and impact the test result. If the message ''Movement detected'' appears on the screen, please select the ''OK'' icon, and remove the cassette. It recommended you to replace the analyzer on flat surface. Please do not move the surface, cassette, or analyzer during analysis. After that,  immediatly insert the cassette into the analyzer, it will automatically analysis the semen test.
QC Question
Q1How many times can be tested for one bottle of the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) ?
One bottle can be tested for ten times. 
Q2May I repack the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) ?
Please refer to the user manual, it doesn't recommended any unauthorized repacking for LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) . It might lead to the result inaccurate. Once you have opened the screw cap of the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) , It recommended you have to storage it in refrigerator at 2-8℃, and finished in 90 days (DO NOT freeze).
Q3How much volume for one bottle of the  LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) ?
One set has three different concentration level bottles and each one is 2 mL (for ten times).
Q4What is the detect concentration level of the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) for advice?
LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) is three bottle's pack. It includes three different concentration level by using the color coding for the label, such as Negative Control (0M/mL), Level 1 (25M/mL±8), and Level 2 (50M/mL±12).  Each batch concentration level will be slightly different for Level 1 and Level 2, it depends on the manufacturing. Please make sure to check whether the information of the color box label and the bottle label is consistent with the product of the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen). If you have any questions, please contact the customer service center.
Q5How often to do the Quality Control test by  LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) for advice?
It recommended you to do quality control test for the analyzer at least once a month  by three different concentration level of the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen). 
Q6What is the shelf life for LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen)?
The unopen vial is for 2 years. If you open the bottle cap, it will need to storage in refrigerator at 2-8℃, and it must to be finished in 90 days (DO NOT freeze).
Q7What can I do for the advice if the Quality Control test fail over two times?
If the QC test result kept fail, it might be the LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen)  is expiried, flipped, or mixed with other concentration level. Please use the another new LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen), a new cassette, a new dropper, and new drops of LensHookeTM X QC Beads (For Semen) redo the QC test.


Clinical Question
Q1What are the currently clinical comparisons units in global?
Taiwan: Chung Shan Medical University Hospital/ Lin shin Hospital/ Lee's Woman Hospital/ Min Sheng Hospital/ Taipei Veterans General Hospital
USA : Cleveland Clinic
Italy : Ecofoodfertility and Stanford University for diffenret clinical projects.
Q2How much does the sample apply onto the test area by a pipette?
We will recommended the user to apply 0.04 mL onto the drip area of the cassette for the test.
Q3Does the sample have to be liquefied before test? What if the sample did not liquefy in 30 minutes?
According to WHO 5th recommended  the sample has to be completely liquefied in 1 hour. You can place the sample in an incubator and set at 37℃ wait for 30 minutes. If you do not have an incubator, please place the sample on any flat surface and wait for 30minutes. After 30 minutes, please check the sample if it is liquefied or not.  
Q4How does the algorithm distinguish each part of the sperm for morphology?
It based on the Kruger criteria, and our algorithm it built the data base to evaluate the morphology is normal or abnormal.
Q5How do I know if it caculates 200 sperm of the sample?
According to WHO 5th recommended to calculate at least 200 sperm for motility and morphology. If concentration value is over >20M/mL, it means is over 200 sperm calculated. If it is lower than 20M/mL, it means the analyzer calculate all of the view field.
Q6How to confirm the accuracy of the result?
According to WHO 5th's recommendation , there is a reasonable difference acceptable range for the sampling and test. Please refer to WHO 5th Table 2-5, 2.8.5 example for concentration, Table 2-1, 2.5.3 example for motility, and Table 2-1, 2.17.2 example for morphology. If it is out of the acceptable range, there may be sampling error. If recommended to redo the sampling and test.


Warranty Question
Q1How long is the warranty for the analyzer?
The warranty is 1 year. 
Q2What is the application and working time if the product needs to be sent back to the customer service?
The customer informs the local distributor/responsible Account and sends the product back to the company. The local distributor/responsible Account will fill in the anomalous order to the Customer Service Center. After the Customer Service Center received the product, and it will conduct a situation analysis. About 10 working days to reply to the analysis and inform the customer if it belongs to the warranty maintenance scope (In warranty and non-human factors) or non-guaranteed scope. If it is in the warranty repair, we will reply when it will be repaired and sent it back.